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NASA Youth Space Challenge

Ooblecks, 3 D printers, and aliens – oh my!

Sound interesting? Here's your sneak peek of some of the awesome things that we'll be doing at the NASA Youth Space Challenge:

Come use your hands AND your brains to learn about and explore space through the NASA Youth Space Challenge, presented by Hive Toronto.

As the official youth branch of the Toronto NASA Space Apps Challenge and in partnership with Maker Kids, youth ages 9-15 will explore and learn about space like never before. Together with Mozilla, Fab Spaces, Story Planet, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and Girls Learning Code we're creating a space-tastic experience for youth!

Saturday 20 April, 2013 Royal Ontario Museum

This event requires that all youth ages 13 and under have an adult sign up with them and the adult must remain in the building during the event.

Youth Space Challenge Partners


Challenge: Create an Exoplanet Alien

What would aliens from another planet look like? Hundreds of planets outside our solar system have been detected, and it is expected that billions more exist. Each one of these has its own unique conditions that would shape any life that evolved there. We challenge you to imagine and create an alien life form adapted for an exoplanet! What if gravity was twice as strong? What if their whole planet was water? What if they lived on a gas giant planet, and had to soar through the air their whole lives? You will use a 3D creature app on an iPad to design your own alien, then print it on a 3D printer! There will be other materials on hand for further modifications.
Sponsor: AutoDesk: will supply iPads with http://www.123dapp.com/creature software. (Organizations: MakerKids and the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, Western University)

Challenge: Create a Planet!

You will be inventing your own planet at this station. First, you will be taught basic image editing techniques using the open source software Gimp. Use your digital creations from other stations, photograph your physical creations, use supplied planetary images and search image sharing web sites for more images! Finally, name your planet, and write a blog post about it to post on a Tumblr page. Print a copy of your planet to take home and another for our display wall of planets. (Organization: Girls Learning Code)

Challenge : Wish You Were Here

Create a postcard from somewhere else in the universe! Perhaps you were visiting your exoplanet penpal alien, or the beaches of your newly created planet....tell home all about it! Dress up as astronaut, an alien or just yourself. Using a green-screen, you will add your picture to a stock planetary background or your very own created at the Create a Planet station! After printing your postcard, you will write a story about your off-world adventures. (Organization: Story Planet)

Challenge: Listening to the Stars

What is the soundtrack of space? Using actual sounds from deep space, from human space exploration, radio astronomy, and more, you will create your own mix! Of course, you'll want to know: can an alien dance to it? Test it out on Oobleck - a writhing mass of gooey tentacles on a speaker. When you're done save your music mix and use it as a ringtone, an alarm sound, or whatever you want! (Organization: MakerKids)

Challenge: CubeSats (Inspired by CubeSats for Asteroid Exploration Challenge)

CubeSats are tiny satellites of just a few inches that can take a variety of instruments to a low-orbit. NASA has commissioned you to design the next generation of CubeSats! It must fit a wide array of instruments in a very small space and still be able to communicate with Earth. To solve this challenge you will use the ancient art of Origami to find ways in which you can store these components inside the CubeSat. (Organization: FabSpaces)

Challenge: Project Awe

Despite its many challenges, the world is a beautiful place that can always leave you in awe and wonder. Thanks to the web, there are endless videos out there that demonstrate just how magnificent life can be. With Popcorn Maker, you can weave together audio, videos, images, and text to share the vast wonder of the universe. Youth will remix this video which combines video from the International Space Station with a song written and recorded by world famous astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield. Then youth will share their “make” with the world via @webmaker and submit it to Webmaker’s Tumblr. What’s out there that takes your breath away? Thanks to the Broadcasting Board of Governors for the inspiration and original video(Organization: Mozilla Webmaker)

Youth Microbloggers!

Youth will participate as station volunteers and as roaming reporters capturing pictures, video, and stories. During the event they will blog and tweet. (Organization: Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada)

Questions & Answers

  • Who should Come?

    Youth ages 9-15. Like space? Like technology? Like trying something new? If you answered "yes" to one or more of those questions, then this event is for you!

  • What should I bring?

    A laptop! If you don't have one or can't borrow one, click here to request one and we will do our best to get you set up with one for the day!

    Please note: Snacks will be provided but please eat lunch before you arrive. And bring a water bottle!

  • What Will Youth Do at the Event?

    Not only will youth be able to make, create, and collaborate at this event, they will have the chance to have a "snack and chat" with space experts.

    This event is meant to be a semi-unstructured, collaborative, creativity-inspiring experience for youth. There is no strict agenda, because we think just a touch of chaos is good for learning.

    There will be several activity stations set up for youth to visit. When youth arrive, they'll be free to choose where they spend their time. This gives them the opportunity to work on the projects that they personally find interesting. Some will float around, spending time at many stations and working on many different things, while others will choose to spend the majority of their time working on one project. We welcome this sort of self-directed learning.

    Each station will have volunteer instructors and assistants - there to teach youth how to use the tools, and then to support them as they think creatively and explore the power of technology.

  • What Will Parents Do at the Event?

    Bummed that you’re a parent and not a kid? Don’t worry - our Parent Zone has been specially designed so that the event will be really fun and informative for you, too! Hot Pop Factory will be featuring their 3D printing innovations as part of this parent-focused area – have you seen their take on the modern family portrait yet?!

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