NASA Youth Space Challenge Toronto

Ooblecks, aliens, and 3D printers—oh my!

Come use your hands and brains to learn about and explore through the NASA Youth Space Challenge Toronto. As the official youth branch of the Toronto NASA Space Apps Challenge and in partnership with Hive Toronto and Mozilla, youth ages 9–15 will explore and learn about space like never before.

Saturday April 12, 2014
Ontario Science Centre


Registration and check-in opens at 12 noon. Between 1pm and 5pm, space-themed activities will be run by some of Toronto's leading tech organizations, including Hive Toronto, Mozilla, Kids Learning Code, FabSpaces and Meat Locker Editions.

Challenge: Create your own adventure book

You can customize and print a booklet from one of three templates: create your own alien language & secret messages with a decoder, create a picture book of space travel, or design your own comic strip.

Challenge: Make your own space buttons

At this station, you'll learn how to manipulate photos in the free online image editor, Pixlr! You can then print them out and turn them into wearable buttons.

Challenge : Voyage to Mars

Using the Remix the City platform and gifs, you'll be able to storyboard your very own Mars mission! Stories will be shared and displayed throughout the day.

Challenge: Remix your own space projects

At this station, you'll use Mozilla's free web literacy tools Thimble and Popcorn to create and remix your very own space-themed projects.


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What Will Youth Do at the Event?

Not only will youth be able to make, create, and collaborate at this event, they will have the chance to have a chat with space experts.

This event is meant to be a semi-unstructured, collaborative, creativity-inspiring experience for youth. There is no strict agenda, because we think just a touch of chaos is good for learning.

There will be several activity stations set up for youth to visit. When youth arrive, they'll be free to choose where they spend their time. This gives them the opportunity to work on the projects that they personally find interesting. Some will float around, spending time at many stations and working on many different things, while others will choose to spend the majority of their time working on one project. We welcome this sort of self-directed learning.

Each station will have volunteer instructors and assistants - there to teach youth how to use the tools, and then to support them as they think creatively and explore the power of technology.

Who should come?

Youth ages 9-15. Like space? Like technology? Like trying something new? If you answered "yes" to one or more of those questions, then this event is for you!

What should I bring?

A laptop! If you don't have one or can't borrow one, click here to request one and we will do our best to get you set up with one for the day!