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We've built a challenge worthy of Toronto's top-tier development talent, and it's a sight to see. The NASA International Space Apps Challenge Toronto presents 150 developers, makers, entrepreneurs and engineers with 25 NASA-designed technical challenges to solve over an intense weekend of collaborative competition. Packed with astronaut Q&As, onsite expertise, and a night-at-the-museum vibe, Space Apps brings out the city's best.

For sponsors, Space Apps offers a variety of opportunities to network with participants – allowing your employees to join as challenge participants, leveraging your staff as expert mentors, or just making booth space available to exhibit. Space Apps is a great opportunity to put your brand in front of tech influencers.

"If success is measured by attendance, media reach, and number of projects demoed, the Toronto NASA Space Apps Challenge at the Royal Ontario Museum can be considered one of the most successful technology-for- social-good events ever held in Canada."
Heather Leson, Serial hackathon organizer for Random Hacks of Kindness CrisisCommons, and

Hackathons: Marathons for Hackers

Space Apps Toronto is a hackathon. "Hacker" carries no malicious connotation here; it describes creative and talented coders who pursue innovative solutions to complex problems.

The event begins Friday evening when hackers form teams and select their challenges. Most work day and night on their solutions that take form as mobile apps, software, robotics, schematics and designs – many of them functional by the end of the weekend. Sunday's presentations are open to the public, livestreamed to hundreds, and evaluated by a panel of well-known and respected judges – it's quite the affair.

"... a great way to engage and showcase Toronto's software and hardware engineering talent."
Councillor Adam Vaughan,
Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina

A Local Hackathon, with International Significance

In the 2013 Space Apps Challenge, more than 9,000 hackers participated in 44 countries and 83 cities, making it the largest hackathon in history. Toronto was the third largest by projects produced, with 26 submissions generated, behind New York City and Santiago.

A Press-Generating Juggernaut

Space Apps 2013 generated tremendous local and national press attention.

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