NASA's Space Apps Toronto Youth Program

Ooblecks, aliens, and 3D printers—oh my!

Over 60 youth showed up at the 2016 event to learn about and explore the world through NASA's Space Apps Toronto Youth Program. Sign up for the newsletter below to get advance notice and more info on next year's event, and other fun activities!

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Registration and check-in opens at 12 noon. Between 1pm and 5pm, space-themed activities will be run by some of Toronto's leading tech organizations, including Canadian Association for Girls In Science, STEAMLabs, Robot Playtime, Kids Learning Code, Hot Pop Robot, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Kids Learning Code: Explore the Solar System in 3D

Travel across the solar system and visit our neighbouring planets without ever leaving Earth! In this interactive 3D Google Cardboard experience you can learn about the planets and moons that call our solar system home.

Kids Learning Code: Space Madlibs

These aren't your typical madlibs, because these ones are made with code! Answer a few questions to generate your madlib, and take a peek inside the code to see how it works.

Steam Labs and Robot Playtime

Calling all robotics spacecraft commanders, the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission needs your help! You will program a rover from Robot Playtime to retrieve a sample from our simulated asteroid field.

Canadian Association for Girls In Science: Make Your Own Parachute!

NASA uses parachutes to safely bring their space craft back to Earth. You will be using your engineering skills and learning about gravity and drag to make your own parachute!

Royal Ontario Museum

Examine pieces of asteroids and learn how to hunt for meteorites here on Earth! Learn how the Royal Ontario Museum is involved in the upcoming NASA OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission.

Kids Learning Code: Make Your Own Video Game Controller

Who needs a keyboard or mouse when you’ve got bananas! With the Makey Makey you will be able to play video games with a variety of conductive materials from tin foil to you favourite fruit.

Hot Pop Robot

What do pencils, popsicle sticks and Oreo cookies have in common? We can use them to make a Star Finder, a Pinwheel Galaxy Pinwheel, learn about Phases of Moon, and much more! Let’s get started.

Hot Pop Robot

Can we switch on a light, and yet not see it? Hmm. Is it magic or is it science? Learn about technologies used for Space travel and exploration. And do not forget to say Hello to our new robots!

FLL Team Ctrl-Z

Ctrl-Z Bayview Glen will be demonstrating its autonomous robot which will activate a number of mission models to score points on a 4' x 8' themed playing field. The team will then demonstrate its Smart Sort Trash Bin, an innovative way to ensure that trash is classified correctly to reduce contamination of the recycling stream.


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Canadian Association for Girls In Science
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