NASA's Space Apps Toronto Youth Program

Ooblecks, aliens, and 3D printers—oh my!

Over 70 youth showed up at the 2017 event to learn about and explore the world through NASA's Space Apps Toronto Youth Program. Sign up for the newsletter below to get advance notice and more info on next year's event, and other fun activities!

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We'll be ready for youth from 12pm, and going until 4pm! The event is like a choose-your-own-adventure: we encourage youth and parents to explore the different organizations' activities and find out more information on them. Here're some of the activities that'll be showcased:

Canadian Association for Girls In Science: Make Your Own Parachute!

NASA uses parachutes to safely bring their space craft back to Earth. You will be using your engineering skills and learning about gravity and drag to make your own parachute!

Astronomy In Action: Comet Cooking

A dry Ice comet is the closest thing to a real comet you can make here on Earth! Join Astronomy in Action to make our very own 'dirty snowball' to see what a real comet in outer space looks like, and how comets could be responsible for all life on Earth.

Astronomy In Action: Craters Rock!

Several times in Earth's history, giant meteors have wiped out a significant portion of life on Earth. How does this happen? How do we know? Join Astronomy in Action to test out how meteors impact planets, why craters are tough to find on Earth, and how we can use meteors to reveal what the solar system is made of.

CSPX: Let's Make an Impact

Craters are seen on every rocky body in the solar system, but understanding their characteristics and how they form continues to be a challenging task for planetary scientists. Come check out the formation of craters using our new apparatus in slow motion, create your own impact crater and then, examine the (real) Earth rocks that have been created or modified by the impact of a meteorite (called 'Impactites').

LLC: Explore the Solar System in 3D

Travel across the solar system and visit our neighbouring planets without ever leaving Earth! In this interactive 3D Google Cardboard experience you can learn about the planets and moons that call our solar system home.

LLC: Make Your Own Video Game Controller

Who needs a keyboard or mouse when you’ve got bananas! With the Makey Makey you will be able to play video games with a variety of conductive materials from tin foil to you favourite fruit.

LLC: Hack the Heroes

Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Well now you can: we'll show you how to hack the Marvel super heroes website so you can dream up your own heroes...or villains!

ROM: Meteorite hunting!

Train to be a meteorite hunter by exploring space rocks from the ROM's spectacular meteorite collection. You'll have the rare opportunity to touch a piece of the MOON and MARS.

Hot Pop Robot: Space Travel - Rockets, Rovers, Radio Telescopes and Aliens!

So you want to be an Astronaut? Build some rockets, see a rover in action, learn how a radio telescope works, and play with aliens.

OSPE: Starry Constellation Bag

Get ready to map out various star formations with our constellation sensory bag! Even though the stars are lightyears away, this hands on activity will bring space right to your fingertips.

OSPE: Planet Puzzles

Did you know Jupiter is the fifth planet out from the sun? Discover more fun facts about our solar system by putting together planetary puzzles!

OSPE: Button Making

Help make your very own space themed button.

MX-Train Like An Astronaut: Space Math and Crew Assembly

An astronaut must be good in mathematics. In this workshop, come to construct a rocket ship and train you to calculate his trajectory with a protractor. Or just come to learn for visualizing algebra (yes algebra can be fun!).

MetaVRse: 360-Degrees of Outer Space

Immerse yourself in every angle of outer space using virtual reality technologies: from training with NASA astronauts in Houston, flying above the Earth's surface, and viewing our tiny planet from the International Space Station. But beware... meteorites have been forecast!

Maker Tech School: Outerspace App Design - Paper Prototyping and UI/UX Design

Learn about user interface and experience through designing a “space-themed” app! Get creative with paper prototyping and an online user interface design program!

Hatch Canada: Rocket Design

It's not Rocket Science.... or is it? Visit Hatch Canada for the chance to design and launch your own paper rockets! Compete to see which rocket designs will shoot straight to the moon and which will land among the stars!

STEAMLabs Community Makerspace: Space Catapults!

Rockets aren't the only way to get something into orbit, they're just the only ones we've built so far! Visit the STEAMLabs area to prototype a new launcher with popsicle sticks, elastic bands, duct tape and more to launch your capsule onto the target.

Attending Organizations

Logics Academy
Canadian Association for Girls In Science
Kids Learning Code
Steam Labs
Astronomy In Action
Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto Public Library
Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration
Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration
Hot Pop Robot
Train Like An Astronaut
STEM Kids Rock


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